Zen Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a Japanse massage therapy based on Chinese medicine. It literaly means ‘finger pressure’. Hands, elbows, knees and feet are also used as are stretching techniques.

The underlying philosophy is holistic; body, mind and emotions are interdependent. 
In Shiatsu the focus is on the meridians (energy channels) to nurture the empty spaces and remove blockages where ‘ki’ (vital energy) is stuck. By this means the energy is free to flow again and you can feel a change in your body and being.
Imbalances are due to external causes like work related stress, cold weather, relationships, or traumas of the body. Or internal causes such as emotions of fear, irritability, anger or sadness that are stored in the body. Or a combination of the two. 

A treatment can help with head-, neck- or shoulderpain, RSI, joint issues, backpain, fatigue, restlesness, tension, Pre menstrual syndrom, tense muscles and many more imbalances. 

If you don’t feel out of balance, you can keep it this way by treating yourself once in a while with a Shiatsu massage as it’s also used to maintain good health. 

Please bring comfortable clothes with you for it’s a dynamic massage therapy.
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